Ideasaur is all about big ideas. New thoughts, fresh concepts and break-though ideas are the only languages we know. The rest seems like Babel talk. We like to call ourselves a full-service creative communications consultancy, with digital media at the core. In today's dynamic mobile world, we centre our communication around digital media marketing and use other platforms to support it. Ideasaur believes in the power of ideas. As Ideasaurs, we work outside the realm of mediums and constantly come up with new path-breaking ideas.


Ideasaur has a process for any new brief we work on.


We let the creative juices flow to come up with ideas!


We mix the creative ideas with a fool-proof strategy.


We blend the idea and the strategy into all the communication mediums.



Here's what our clients have to say about us. We'll let them do the talking.

  • kalyan
    "Creative, Imaginative and Prompt, Ms. Gandhi puts her heart into every task she takes up. It was pleasure working with Ms. Gandhi, who helped us design an out of the box brand and logo, two tools that continue to play an important role in our success. As a leading, new age IP firm in India, BananaIP stands out from the rest not only by virtue of its knowledge capital, intellectual capital and Thought Leadership, but also, its unique brand. I would strongly recommend Ms. Gandhi to any one looking to build a unique brand for business success."
  • shivamala
    "Jineesha is a very detail oriented creative person. She brought alive my dream website. She made our website stand out from the ordinary. I would recommend Ideasaur to all my contacts as it gave us a very futuristic website which will take us forward leaps and bounds!
  • Partner, Marigold Bakes
    "Jineesha is a wickedly creative person. She designed the logo and made the brand identity for my business Marigold Bakes here in New Jersey. She is very professional and has incredible listening skills. The work that she has done for us ,accurately reflected the idea that we were going for. I recommend her, she is fantastic!"
  • Pinkesh Dhimar
    "I have known Jineesha for more than 5 years now. Jineesha played a pivotal role in creating and managing all the activities of ACT Fibernet on digital platform. My experience of working with her was so great that she was the first person who I considered when I kick-started identity work for my own venture, Locha. Jineesha is one of those few creative leaders who don't think twice before going beyond the brief. The most striking aspect about her personality is her understanding of practical aspect of the business that helps her mold her creativity in such a way that the creative output becomes commercially most viable and desirable. Really glad to have known her and worked with her. I'm sure Ideasaur is going to become one of the most renowned agencies very soon under Jineesha's leadership."
  • SchoolVita Client Ideasaur Testimonial
    "Ideasaur has created the brand identity for SchoolVita, our mobile platform for parent- school engagement. We are pleased with the outcome and were impressed with Ideasaur's creative insights. We will certainly increase the scope of our work engagement with Ideasaur with time."
    Pravin Gandhi
    SchoolVita App


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